smasli * maria


inspired by nature and wildlife

Salzburg, austria

about me

tattoo artist who lives and works in salzburg| austria

bachelor of arts & design

Alex is the love of my life

coffee addict with a loud laughter

family and friends mean everything to me

nature and fauna are my inspiration 

how i work

Particularly filigree and fine motifs in connection with dot work or graphic elements are among my strengths. I get inspiration by nature and the animal world

I only implement my own designs (so no sketches by other artists) and each of my tattoos only get tattooed once.

My workplace is vegan, cruelty free, plastic reduced and biodegradable. My paint is made from biological pigments, ethyl alcohol and sterilized water.

Your design will be prepared for our appointment, but I don’t send any drafts beforehand. Of course, we have enough time on your appointment to adjust details it if necessary.

Since I do fineline, the tattoo will be lighter after it has healed than other tattoo styles and right. This also depends on skin color. Please take good care of your tattoo and follow the care instructions – this has a significant impact on the look of your tattoo! It is important to always lubricate the skin well and use sunscreen.



Email for individual design : 
You can send me an inquiry until the end of October and I’ll answer them in the first week of November. Please note that an inquiry is not an appointment. 

Please indlucde in your email: your idea (ideal with reference or the picture of the wanna do), approximate size and body part (photo where you mark the placement is helpful) 

Inquiries via other portals (Insta,… ) are not accepted. 

I usually discuss all the details online, but if necessary we can make an appointment for a consultation.

A deposit is required to reserve your appointment. Important: The deposit is non-refundable. If you let me know within 2 weeks before the appointment you can postpone and the deposit will be taken into account for the appointment. If you want to reschedule within 48 hours of the appointment, the deposit will not be refunded and you will need to make a new deposit for a new appointment.

I won’t tattoo you until you are 18 years old.

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Of course! I would ask you to send me a picture of the skin area. Then I can give you more information about this

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The price depends on the idea, size and the placement.

fineline tattoo, blumen fineline, microrealism, dotwork tattoo, ornamental tattoo, tattoo studio salzburg, smasli ink, tattoo ideen


I only use disposable tattoo needles and disposable grips as well as listed disinfectants. A tattoo is a medical procedure, therefore I only tattoo with the best quality materials.

As I have only one co-worker in the studio,  you can look forward to a quiet environment and privacy.

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